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Christchurch based private women’s health clinic with highly experienced gynaecologists

Welcome to Southern Women’s Health

We are a private women’s health clinic with empathetic and experienced gynaecologists.  At our Christchurch based women’s health clinic, our expert doctors provide a full range of professional assessment, diagnosis and treatment for your needs.

Gynaecology encompasses both medical and surgical treatments as well as working closely with other health professionals such as endocrinologists and pelvic physiotherapists. We put your medical care and well-being first.

Women's health Clinic -  Southern Women's Health
Meet the team

Why choose SWH?

Experienced Doctors

As your gynaecologist, we can accompany you on your lifelong health journey through women’s health needs, including menstruation & bleeding problems, fertility & pre-conception care, prolapse and menopause. Our doctors are both highly skilled gynaecologists and are experienced professionals within their fields.

Professional & Friendly Staff

We understand that discussing your problem and having an intimate examination can be nerve wracking for many women. Our friendly staff are here to answer any questions you may have for that extra bit of reassurance. Our team works collaboratively, including working with allied health professionals and other specialties, to help create better health outcomes for our patients.

Privacy, convenience and prompt care

Medical treatment when you need it. You’ll enjoy faster access to treatment. You will also enjoy more choice when you receive treatment for medical conditions. You may have access to a broader range of treatment options that are not available to you through the public health system.

Meet the team

Our Services

Southern Women’s Health is an affiliated provider for both Southern Cross and nib health insuranceWe can also work with any other health insurance provider or with you as a self-funding patient.

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We offer a wide range of general gynaecological services. Gynaecology is the area of medicine that deals specifically with issues and conditions related to women. It covers paediatric and adolescent issues, through the reproductive stage of life and after through menopausal years.

Surgical Procedures at women's health clinic


If you are facing gynaecological surgery, here’s the good news: most surgery techniques that gynaecologists use today are highly advanced and minimally invasive.

Obstetrics at female health clinic


Pregnancy is an exciting and life changing experience. We understand just how special this time is and are happy to recommend colleagues who can care for you at this time.

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Your Health Starts Here

We require a referral from your GP prior to an appointment. Feel free to contact us during our operating hours listed below by phone or email in order to make an appointment.

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